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Miss Munazza
PCI Certified Parent Personal Coach


My journey is very interesting from just an educator to curiosity, passion, learning, and finally fulfillment to become someone who can help others to unfold their potential towards a happy /fulfilled journey of their life. I was able to achieve this moment after completing the PCI Certified Parent Coach® program. I am a mother of twin teen girls. I have a happy family and enjoying life by moving around the world and knowing about different cultures and customs.

As a teacher, I served in many education institutions locally in Pakistan and some International schools outside Pakistan.

The key turning point in my life was after having my twins. I got self-motivated as a parent to equipped and prepare myself for effective parenting. I got self-developed an interest to learn about new parenting strategies. I was so keen to read child development books, articles, and new methodology. Whenever learn anything new, right away, I start to implement it on my girls to help them to grow as positive and happy resulting charming home environment and positive subsequences. Along the way and by observing the people around me, my thoughts start spinning towards the parents with multiple and verity of challenges in their daily life around me including my own extended family. 

To keep going as a successful parent, I was continuously looking for opportunities for new methods and techniques. I did several short courses, Montessori Program, etc. Finally, right on time and exactly in line with my goal/passion, two years ago I found PCI to educate myself authentically. I am so blessed that now as a PCI certified parent coach® I am not only equipped to move with my teen’s twin but also can help parents to deal with challenges by building a strong relationship with their child/children. 

I am amazed by my own experience with this learning and also from an extraordinary positive result that came out of parents I already coached during my practice. I was able to do that by using new techniques and methods. The beauty of all such supportive methods is that they are unique and flexible to apply according to the specific needs/challenges of a Parent in a personalized way. 

What do I mean by Personalized coaching!

I observed during my learning and coaching practice experience that the challenges of each family especially parents mostly vary from one to the other. To help each Parent towards refining their lives with effective parenting and a happy living style there is a need to understand the specific situation and challenges. Using effective coaching methods by focusing on the specific needs of a Parent, we can make healthy and nonviolent families which will result in family-friendly communities.

With the support of personalized coaching, parents can feel, confident, well-controlled, and optimistic about the future, and have fun with the family. I thrive in conversation with parents through coaching, with the center of excellence, appreciation, flexibility, self-care, and quality of culture. My engagement methodologies with parents are comprehensive to meet the specific needs of parents.

I believe that through personalize parent coaching therapy, parents can easily find the bright patch to see their dreams come true. 

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